Engine pool

The pool

Thomason: I think I will go to Engine Swimming Pool.

(Thomason goes to Engine Swimming Pool)

Thomason: *slides into the water* hmm... It seems cold...

Thomas: It'll warm up.

Thomason: Thomas! What are you doing here?!

Thomas: just having a swim.

Thomason: On the same day as me?

Thomas: I didn't know you were coming. *gets into the pool and does a backstroke*

(Thomason tries to do a backstroke, but nearly goes under*

Thomas: *GRABS Thomason and pulls him back up* What you need is a ring. *gives thomason a float ring)

Thomason: *puts the ring round his waist and does a backstroke* Yahoo!

Thomas: You're a very good swimmer, Thomason.

Thomason: Hehe :)

(2 hours of swimming later...)

Thomason: I need to go home now. It's 5 P.M and I wanna water my flowers. Bye!

Thomas: Bye!

(Thomason goes home)

Thomason: Let's water the flowers. *goes outside*

Thomason: *waters his bluebell, daisy and buttercup plants* I love plants.