Here are the punishments...

  • Block. (If I can)
  • Warning.
  • Ask Wikia staff to disable you.
  • Remove your rights. (if you have any)
  • Deleting your Pages. (if you have any)
  • Bossing you around.
  • Send "Stop It" message.
  • Combine 2 or more of these punishments together.
  • Repeat things to you.
  • Make pages/blog posts about you. (and lock/protect them If we can)
  • Call you names.

I will think up more punishments and add them to the list. If you are getting teased, you should look at these. DO NOT use on the founder/administrators (member: Piggabubblyboo456, Mac+Cool). look at their rights, but DO NOT change unless they are not admins/ the founder. You can think up punishments and add them too!