Welcome to the longest adventure of Elory known! This movie comes in 4 parts, and I will do one every day.

Part 1

(Elory Theme Tune plays)

(Elory is in a foster home with her friends)

Elory: *hears trumpet, wakes up and yawns* I have a feeling that today is going to be the worst day ever.

Bonnie: *runs into elory's bedroom* Elory! You've GOT to see this!

Elory: Wha?

Bonnie: We're in a foster home!

Elory: What the- *looks out of window* This isn't my garden! *looks at bedroom* and this isn't my bedroom!

Bonnie: And you just HAVE to see the outside!

(they both walk out of the room)

(there is a row of bedrooms, with nameplates on everybody's door)

Chloe: *runs over* Elory, look at your bedroom!

Elory: *goes back inside her bedroom*

(it is painted with black and white stripes, just like the others.)

Bonnie: I know. Bad, isn't it?

Elory: Yeah!

Foster mom: (from downstairs) Elory, Bonnie, Chloe! Downstairs, now!

(the three of them go downstairs)

Foster mom: What time do you call this? I blew the trumpet at 7:00am, and now it's 7:03!

Bonnie: That's only 3 minutes!

Foster mom: Tough. You have now missed your breakfast!

Elory: Just one question: Why am I even here?

Foster mom: Your parents gave you up.

Elory: Wha- Why- My parents would never do that! *kneels on floor crying*

Foster mom: Oh shut up you big baby. They've gone to live at college for a 3 years. They can't look after you now.

Elory: *stops crying and snuffles a bit* I guess that's a good reason :(

Foster mom: For being late to breakfast, you're gonna have to find you're own food. Toodle pip, I'm off to do the washing. *does the washing*

Chloe: Cheer up, Elory. I have a laptop in my room.

Elory: But how's a laptop gonna help?

Chloe: You'll see.

(they are in Chloe's room)

Chloe: We can search for all of the different colleges in DoggieTopia.

Bonnie: Ah.

Elory: Hm.

Chloe: (searches colleges) Ok, now we've got them all.

TBC in part 2 tomorrow...