Engine school drawing

Drawing of engine school

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Thomason: *wakes up and yawns* This is going to be a busy day...

(Thomason walks downstairs)

Thomason: I'm hungry. *sees packet of chocolate* Mmm! *eats the chocolate*

Thomason: What shall I drink today? *sees milk and drinks it*

Thomason: Time to pack my lunch for school!

(Thomason packs ham sandwiches, chocolate, yoghurt, crisps and cucumber in his yellow lunchbox)

Thomason: *grabs lunchbox and walks to Engine School.*

(At engine school...)

Thomason: *arrives* Hello!

Big Thomas: You're late -.-

Thomason:... Oh. *sits on a red chair*

Big Thomas: Now, class. What is 5 + 5?

Thomason: (thinking) I know that! 10! *waits for the teacher to pick him*

Big Thomas: Anyone?

Percy: 10?

Big Thomas: Correct!

(after 2 lessons)

Big Thomas: Lunchtime!

(everyone walks to the dinner hall and sits down)

Thomason: *bites into his ham sandwich* I've been waiting for lunchtime. 2 boring lessons.

(when it was lunchbreak,)

Thomason: *walks into the playground* Might as well play. *goes on the swing and swings*

(bell rings)

Thomason: *gets off the swing and goes inside his classroom*

Big Thomas: What does this sign mean? *draws a & sign on the board*

Douglas: A pound sign?

Big Thomas: No,

Thomason: the "and" sign?

Big Thomas: Yes!

(after 2 lessons,)

Big Thomas: Hometime!

(everyone goes home)

Thomason: *plays around in the swimming pool for a long time* this feels nice

(thomason notices a clock)

Thomason: OMG! It's 8 P.M! *gets out the swimming pool and makes bacon for dinner*

(thomason eats the bacon and goes to bed.)